Comfortable, Durable, Portable Air Mattress

If you are thinking of buying an air mattress for home use, you will have to take into consideration several factors. Air mattresses are all the rage these days and many people use them when camping as they are lightweight and portable. But the popularity of air beds in home use has also spiked over the years. Read on and find out from Starz Deals why many people opt to use air mattresses for daily use.

They are more cost effective

Needless to say, air mattresses are more cost effective than standard, memory foam mattresses that we have used for decades. You will find lots of great options in the market to choose from as well. Depending on your specific needs as well as your budget you can make a good purchase as the options available are numerous. The Intex air mattress is one of the best options that you can go for. Intex air beds are known for their quality and durability. The option is highly favored by those who are looking for a close rival to foam mattresses. The Intex Misc beds come in lots of different sizes to suit your needs as well.

Air mattresses are easier to clean

We all know how hard it is to clean a foam mattress! They are heavy and if they get soiled, the process of cleaning them up can be insanely cumbersome! It is a known fact that mattresses collect a lot of dirt. We shed skin cells, hair cells and other bodily fluids as we sleep. These collect in the mattress, rendering it quite hazardous for extended use, unless cleaned regularly. If you don’t clean your mattress regularly, health issues may come up. You may start developing allergies and skin disorders with the collected bacteria coming into contact with your skin every night.

You will not encounter this problem with an air mattress. They are quite easy to clean as they are made from vinyl covers. You can wipe it off with soapy water and let dry.

Air mattresses are portable

As they are lightweight, air mattresses are more portable. You will be able to carry them with ease from one room to the other. If you are sharing a small space with your family, an air bed will be a better option as well. You can even use air mattresses as spare beds for company. When not in use, you can deflate them and store them in a smaller space. It takes approximately 5 minutes to inflate even a king size air mattress to its full size so you need not worry about excessive time consumption.

Comfort levels

This factor is certainly debated in the market. While air mattresses offer comfort when it comes to the pressure, they can become rather uncomfortable as they get heated up or cooled very fast. Air mattresses can have differing pressure levels to suit your needs. If you are a side sleeper, you will benefit from having an air mattress with a little more give. A firmer mattress will be better for you if you sleep on your back or stomach. You will be able to adjust the pressure levels in the mattress to suit your liking too.

Problems with heat arise, as the air in the mattress take on the temperature of the surrounding area. So, during summer, the air mattress will become warm and during winter, it will be too cold for you to sleep on the mattress. You can solve this problem by adding layers of sheets or mattress covers between you and the mattress. Another way to control this problem is by placing the air mattress on a platform. When the mattress is above the ground, chances of it absorbing heat from the floor will be reduced.

Keep in mind that air mattresses do not absorb body heat like the standard foam mattress. This will make the problems with heat and cold even worse. So be sure to add high quality layers between yourself and the mattress.


The air mattress is easier to maintain compared to the foam mattress. You only have to inflate the air mattress and check regularly for wear and tear. A foam mattress will need more support with vacuuming and dusting. As mentioned earlier, cleaning the foam mattress is also not very easy given its size and weight. So, compared to the foam mattress, the air mattress is indeed a better option for those who prefer easier to handle options.

Comfort levels

Foam mattresses offer more comfort when it comes to heat regulation, but you can handle this problem by pairing high quality bed linen and other accessories for the air mattress. As mentioned earlier, you can reduce the heating of the mattress by placing it on a platform. Having a headboard is also an option that you can consider as you will be able to use it to lean your cushions and pillows. High quality bed linen and pillows will also add to your experience of sleeping every night on your air mattress.