The Most Spectacular Balcony Lighting Decorating Ideas

This blog exclusively deals with suggesting our readers some of the wonderful balcony lighting decorating ideas. Transform your apartment balcony into your cozy and warm getaway. A balcony is that part of the house where you can get some "ME" time. What can be more wonderful than to spend this time in the company of twinkling lights? Decorative lights create the romantic mood for a candle-lit dinner with your partner. 

Balcony Lighting Decorating Ideas

A balcony is a small living space. So, you do not want to overdo with lights. Therefore, before we begin, I suggest keeping the lighting decorations minimum and in proportion with the size of the balcony.

  • Use lanterns- tiny lanterns hung together on a string are available in any lighting shop. Hang them over the railing and see your balcony turn into a warm cozy corner at night.
  • Use string lights- they are the cheapest option. They do not take up too much space and are budget friendly. Using bulbs strings is even better because in a few strings you will cover more area. They create a romantic atmosphere and are perfect for small balconies.
  • DIY Ladder lantern- convert an old ladder into a decorative chandelier. Fit a small ladder on the roof of the balcony. Hang lanterns on the corners of the ladder. You can also fit string lights or bulbs in glass jars and hang them. In fact, a unique balcony decoration with lights idea is the place an old ladder against the wall and randomly hang lanterns. 
  • Hang lanterns on the railing- you can get individual lanterns and hang them on the railing at even intervals. A simple yet elegant idea that won't be taxing on the pocket either.
  • Fairy lights- single color or multicolor fairy lights can be hung or wrapped around the railing. What's more? Fairy lights look spectacular on the walls as well. Turn your dull balcony into an enchanting space.
  • Fairy lanterns- another idea is to get different color fairy lights and place them in glass jars. Hang them on the railings or have them run across the balcony roof. Whichever way you hang them, they are guaranteed to look amazing. 
Fairy lanterns
  • Star lanterns- go well with a small balcony. If you have little space, then hang two-three star lanterns from the roof.
  • Lanterns on the floor- if you are skeptical about hanging lanterns anywhere, simply place them on the floor around your furniture or plants. Lanterns look classic as well as old school.
  • Candles- if you like the traditional look, decorate the balcony floor with candles. Do place them in candle holders and use them during appropriate weather conditions.
  • Focus lights- if you prefer a dim look, then place focus lights on the floor. This minimalist look is easy to maintain, and you have yourself a romantic sit-out. 
  • Christmas lights decorating ideas for balcony- Christmas lights like LEDs are used in several creative ways. Hang lots of LED lights like a curtain or wrap your balcony space and railings with them. They bring a festive cheer and set the mood for the holidays. 
  • Lamps- one of the balcony lighting decorating ideas is to place lamps around. This is a great look. You can move the lamps around as per your liking.
  • Balcony decoration ideas with lights and plants- if you have ornamental plants on your balcony, twisting string lights around them will look beautiful.
  • String lights and bamboo screen- to get privacy, you can place a bamboo screen against the railing. Decorate this screen with string lights. Fairy lights, bulb lights, LEDs anything will look amazing. Our thin copper and silver wire fairy lights are another perfect addition.
  • Icicle lights- these look magical when you hang them from the ceiling. 
  • Paper lanterns- these come in white as well as pastel and bold colors. Paper lanterns convert any balcony into a warm and inviting place during the night.
  • Mason jars lights- yes, you read it right. It's a DIY. If you have empty mason jars lying around, use them to decorate your balcony. Stuff these jars with battery operated fairy lights and place or hang them anywhere you please.
Mason jars lights


There is no need to adopt only one or two ideas regarding light decoration ideas for balcony. A great way is to combine two or more balcony lighting decorating ideas. For example, hang fairy lights on the railing and star lanterns from the roof. Or place candles as well as lanterns on the floor. Balcony decor ideas with lights are quite enchanting that you will want to explore and experiment around. 


How do you put LED lights on a balcony?

You can twist the lights around the railing of the balcony or twist them around plants if you have. To hang them on the wall there are multiple options. You can use screw eyes, hot glue, adhesive hooks, or S-shaped hooks. Whichever option you choose, do use a ladder and pre-position the lights before drilling holes. Use a pencil to mark the points and then go on to use glue or a drill machine. 

How do you hang fairy lights on a deck railing?

To hang fairy lights on the deck railing directly, follow these steps-

  1. Run the fairy lights along the entire length of the deck railing. Ensure that the length reaches an outlet.
  2. Using a pencil, mark the areas you think you need to install the hooks to support the lights.
  3. Once done, screw the cup hooks in the places you marked, keeping the hooks pointing up.
  4. Finally attach the string lights on the hooks, using mini carabiners for additional support.

How can I light my balcony without an outlet?

If you do not have a power outlet on your balcony there are several alternatives. You can use solar powered lights, lamps, or globes. Battery operated string fairy lights and chandeliers work as well. Blue tooth operated outdoor string lights are one of the most effective balcony lighting decorating ideas. Other terrace light decoration includes LED candles or motion sensor LED lights.

How do you hang string lights on a fence?

To hang the string lights on a fence you need to follow the below enumerated steps-

  1. Run the entire length of the string lights on the fence to make sure you have enough lights. At this point, using a pencil, mark the areas where you plan to secure the lights.
  2. Screw the hooks in the places you marked using a pencil before. Make sure the hooks face upwards and are placed at equal intervals.
  3. Start hanging the string lights on the fence. Add more support on the hooks where the string rests. You can use plastic ties or wrap a loop around the hook.
  4. Do remember to start hanging the lights starting from the nearest power outlet.

How do you hang string lights without drilling?

If you do not like the idea of drilling holes in the walls to hang the lights, there are numerous alternatives. You can use S-shaped hooks or adhesive-backed hooks. Using a hot glue gun is another idea. You can use clear tape as well. Although a tape loses its stickiness outdoors, it is the cheapest option. The options include wrapping the string lights around plants or the furniture.

Final words

So, this was our blog on balcony lighting decorating ideas. There are several options, and the sky is the limit. Be imaginative, and you may end up surprising yourself. Converting your boring and mundane balcony into a charming and elegant area is a lot easier than you think. This write-up has generated enough balcony lights decoration ideas for you. So, visualize your dream balcony and get going!